Sensor for detection of tumor processes

A biosensor capable of detecting pathological disease processes, such as cancer, cardiovascular disorders and neurological problems, in a fast, portable and inexpensive way, without the use of markers. It was designed with the value proposition of enabling future customizations to detect any biomolecules on point-of-care platforms.

Technological differentials

  • Portable system for use in the field
  • Uses low-cost inputs
  • 10x better sensitivity and reproducibility
  • Multifunctional Diagnostic Platform
Câncer de mama

Readiness Level

Component validation
in laboratory environment.

Intellectual Property

PI BR 10 2021 002128 4
Carlos Cesar Bufon| Adriana Paes Leme | Luciana Daniele Albano | Luiz Gustavo Albano | Daniela Granato | Aline Santana | Davi Henrique De Camargo | Cátia Corrêa

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