Co-funding of RD&I projects with the CNPEM

The CNPEM is accredited to two major co-financing mechanisms for RD&I projects with companies, which allows greater sharing of innovation risks and the realization of more challenging projects. The Center has been accredited as an Embrapii Unit since 2014, in the Biotechnology area, and recently also became accredited to receive EMBRAPII and BNDES resources, which expands the benefits for companies, particularly startups. In addition, the Center is accredited to SIBRATEC Nano, which also generates major benefits for financing CNPEM’s projects with startups and small companies in the nanotechnology field.


We are an accredited Embrapii Biotechnology Unit. This accreditation enables the partial use of non-reimbursable resources to support innovative projects. Thus, we promote the risk sharing associated with innovation projects, we offer agility in hiring, since the financial resources are already available at the CNPEM in a continuous flow, without calls for proposals. Companies of any size can count on this type of funding in their research and development projects with the Center in the Biotechnology area.

The EMBRAPII CNPEM Biotechnology Unit is also qualified to carry out projects under the Embrapii/BNDES partnership, through the INOVA+ Digital and Sustainable Industry Program. To find out more, visit the Embrapii CNPEM Biotechnology Unit website. To learn more, access the Embrapii website.


The CNPEM, through the Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory (LNNano), is accredited to the SibratecNano network. This network provides an important instrument for the articulation and funding of joint-development projects between companies of different sizes and accredited laboratories. CNPEM may participate in projects in the two themes covered by the network: Nanomaterials & Nanocomposites and Nanodevices & Nanosensors. Qualified companies must submit proposals in the calls of the program, which takes place twice a year. To learn more about the modality, the counterparts, and upcoming calls, visit the SibratecNano website.