R&D in health

This program works at the interface between scientific advances and the maturation of technologies to produce deliverables that meet demands from the health system. The portfolio includes prospecting for potential molecular targets as new therapeutic options for pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals and creating organ prototypes and artificial tissues using bioprinting, as well as developing advanced therapies based on cells and/or gene editing to treat diseases that significantly impact public health.

This research involves strong synergy with the other labs at the CNPEM and uses their diverse competencies such as light lines and microscopes to study macromolecules, cells, and organisms and to develop and evaluate nanomaterials with biological applications. We are located at the junction between the scientific ecosystem and the productive sector, and meet demands for translation of essential scientific knowledge into the basic raw materials needed for the manufacturing sector to fulfill its task of producing and leveraging the economic value of health technologies.

The main deliverables include establishing new competencies related to biomanufacturing pilot batches of cell lines that produce monoclonal antibodies and active pharmaceutical ingredients in line with regulatory aspects for good manufacturing practices. They also include developing models for skin and for wound dressings for use in regenerative cardiac medicine and understanding the mechanisms of various diseases in order to identify and test potential target molecules to develop new therapies.

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