The Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials

A sophisticated and ebullient environment for research and development that is the only one of its kind in Brazil and found in only a few scientific centers in the world, the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM) is a private, non-profit organization overseen by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MCTI).

The Center operates four national laboratories and is home to Sirius, the most complex project in Brazilian science and one of the world’s most advanced synchrotron light sources. The CNPEM is home to highly specialized multi-thematic teams, globally competitive lab infrastructure that is open to the scientific community, strategic lines of research, innovative projects in partnerships with the productive sector, and training for researchers and students.

The Center is an environment driven by research into solutions that impact the areas of health, energy and renewable materials, agroenvironmental, and quantum technologies. In 2022, with support from the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC), the CNPEM expanded its activities with the opening of the Ilum School of Science. This interdisciplinary undergraduate program in science, technology, and innovation implements innovative ideas to provide a high-quality, free and full-time undergraduate program immersed in the research environment at the CNPEM.

Our mission

To incorporate unique competencies in national laboratories for scientific and technological development and to support innovation in energy, materials, and bioscience.

Our vision

To be recognized as a national research center with the competencies to generate state-of-the-art knowledge and develop creative solutions in the areas of energy, materials, and bioscience.

What people say about the CNPEM