Research & development

The CNPEM’s various research & development activities are intended to position Brazil on the cutting edge of knowledge by strengthening and expanding the country’s research infrastructure and permitting access by different actors in the Brazilian National System for Science, Technology, and Innovation. Current scientific and technological challenges are also addressed through research programs in partnerships with Brazilian and international institutions (in both academia and business) on topics such as energy and renewable materials, agriculture, the environment, health, and quantum technologies. Finally, the CNPEM reinforces its commitment to maintain and develop experimental techniques and methods on an ongoing basis that allow transversal applications for the issues that are priorities for the Center.

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Strategic areas

Research programs on the frontiers of knowledge, in line with national priorities


Transversal competencies

Technical and experimental competencies to address the priorities of the CNPEM and the scientific and business communities


Projects for the future

Structuring activities and projects that create the CNPEM of the future