Frequently asked questions

What are the steps involved in submitting a research proposal?

The first step in submitting a proposal to conduct research in one of the open labs at the CNPEM is to register in the SAU Online system. The proposal is submitted through a form where the user can choose the National Laboratory and Light Line or technical facility where they wish to conduct their research. On the form, users should provide information about the experiments they wish to conduct, scientific foundation, expected results, etc. Some information required for submission may vary among the different national laboratories because of the nature of each facility or experiment. The entire process is overseen by a committee that will evaluate the merits of the proposal and the other information in each form.

How do I consult the status of my research proposal?

To consult the status of your proposal, click the “View all proposals” link on the main page of your SAU Online profile. All your proposals will be listed there.

After the members of the team that will conduct the experiment have been confirmed, can changes be made?

After access tags have been requested, and one week before the date of the research proposal, if any members need to be added or removed from the team please request these changes directly from the SAU via email at Make sure to state:

  • Proposal number;
  • Full name;
  • Email address.

New members must be previously registered with SAU Online to make changes.

How do I add new team members?

In the automatic scheduling email sent to the researcher who proposed the project (entitled “Shifts scheduled [Schedule has been updated]”), click the “Badge and Guesthouse and financial support (if applicable)” link at the end of the paragraph or directly access SAU Online and click “Select” under “Your next scheduled experiments.” Note that each team member must access this link and make their own requests, and cannot be added by another team member.

Who is eligible for financial aid and how can I request it?

Beneficiaries of LNNano and LNLS who live outside the state of São Paulo, those from Latin America and the Caribbean, and those with a master’s or doctoral degree. The request for financial support is made exclusively via SAU Online. It must be done through the automatic scheduling e-mail sent to the proponent with the title “Shifts scheduled [Schedule has been updated]”, accessing the link at the end of the paragraph “Badge and Guesthouse and financial support (if applicable)”.

Frequent questions about lodging

How can I reserve a room at the CNPEM guesthouse?

To make a reservation via SAU Online: use the menu to click “Select” in the section “Your next scheduled experiments,” then choose “Add guesthouse request” and state the days you would like to reserve.

How and where do I pay for lodging expenses?

All lodging expenses must be paid during check-in or checkout, at the User Support Services (SAU) room. Payment is accepted via:

  • cash (Brazilian Reais);
  • debit card;
  • Pix.

Where can I check in to the guesthouse outside of the SAU's normal working hours?

The SAU is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If users arrive before or after this time, the room key will be available at the CNPEM gatehouse.

Can I stay in a single room?

No. All the rooms in the guesthouse are doubles in order to accommodate as many users as possible who need lodging to conduct their research.

Do I need to bring bedding and towels when I stay at the guesthouse?

No, the guesthouse provides bedding (sheets and blankets) and towels, as well as a cleaning service. Learn more about the CNPEM guesthouse.

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