Last weeks to submit proposals for LNLS beamlines

Publicado em 01/03/2012

ACO, March 1st

Submission period finishes at March 12th

The proposal submission period to perform researches in one of the beamlines of LNLS is open until March 12th. The research implementation period will be from July 16th to 27th, 2012, in the single bunch mode. The standard proposals will be performed from July 30th to December 07th, 2012.

From this call, the submission will be made to some beamlines for each group of installation below:

SAXS – to perform on the beamlines SAXS1 and SAXS2
XRD – to perform on the beamlines XRD1, XPD and XRD2
XAFS – to perform on beamlines XAFS1, XAFS2, DXAS and XRF
SGM – to perform on the beamlines SGM and PGM

Some changes were made to fill the forms of submission. The proponent initially will fill in its information and proposal and then the specific information about the utilization of the instalation required.

In case of doubts, contact the User Support Department(SAU) by the email