11th International Workshop on Personal Computers and Particle Accelerator Controls

Publicado em 27/10/2016
Lightsources em 23/10/2016

LINK: https://www.lightsources.org/event/2016/10/25/11th-international-workshop-personal-computers-and-particle-accelerator-controls

Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 to Friday, October 28, 2016
Event Type: Course
Location: TBD
United States
US Link:

PCaPAC (Personal Computers and Particle Accelerator Controls) 2016 will be held by LNLS, in Campinas, Brazil. PCaPAC traditionally focuses on low-cost control systems using PC technology for control & data acquisition systems and emerging technologies.

Topics include:

  • Control systems (Status reports, Control system frameworks – EPICS, Tango, Tine, Network design, Reliability and longevity of control systems)
  • User interfaces and Data Displays (mobile systems, web services and other)
  • Cyber security (Gateways, Internet connectivity and other)
  • Hardware technologies (DSP, FPGA, single-board computers, accelerator specific development, Timing System PC buses and other)
  • Modern Data Acquisition (commercial off-the-shelf systems, (real-time) operating systems, embedded systems, PLCs, IOCs and other)
  • Management of Software projects (Development processes, Quality Assurance, version control, in-time development and other)
  • Databases (Control DBs, extremely large databases, noSQL DBs and other)