Brazil is close to having cutting-edge technology for research

Publicado em 16/02/2018
Brazil Gov News 15/02/2018


Brazil is closer to having an innovative technology for research in nanotechnology, physics and environmental sciences, the Sirius synchrotron light source. This Thursday (15), the President of Republic Michel Temer, together with the Minister of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications, Gilberto Kassab, will visit Sirius’ construction works in Campinas (state of São Paulo).

Sirius will enable experiments, never done before in Brazil, to be conducted. This will place national science in a prominent position, as well as increase integration with researchers abroad, who could come and work in the country. With investments of around R$ 1.8 billion, Sirius will be made up of three electron accelerating structures and 13 research stations.

Funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications, and part of the Agora, É Avançar (“Time to Move Forward”) programme, 80% of the Sirius construction works have been finished. The first lap by electrons in the accelerator has been scheduled for this year, while it should be officially opened to researchers from the world over in 2020.