Workshop organized by NIH is held for the first time in Brazil

Publicado em 05/03/2013

Communication of LNBio – 5th March 2013

The National Laboratory of Bioscience (LNBio) is hosting the Workshop “Thermodynamic Analysis of Macromolecules in Solution – Learning SEDFIT and SEDPHAT” until 8th March. About 50 students and 4 researchers from National Institute of Health – NIH and from the University of Texas are gathered to discuss about analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC), isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC), fluorescence and dynamic light scattering (DLS), and experimental design. The Workshop also covers advanced topics of theory, data analysis and experimental setup and it comprises practical computer exercises with SEDFIT and SEDPHAT.

This is the first time that the theoretical and practical course is held in Brazil. The event occurs annually in the National Institute of Health – NIH in Bethesda, USA and has also been hosted in various renowned academic institutes worldwide. The Workshop coordinator Dr. Ana Carolina Figueira highlights that the workshop is a great initiative to promote the exchange of knowledge between the participants and the researchers that have created the free software SEDFIT and SEDPHAT: “I have participated of this workshop in Washington, and it´s a great pleasure to have it in Brazil now. The course´s dynamic gives the students the opportunity to talk about their research problems with recognized experts, and they also can further their knowledge about all addressed topics”.

The Workshop is supported by FAPESP, CNPEM – LNBio, ESALAB, Beckman Coulter and GE Healthcare Life Sciences.

Check out the event website and the Workshop photo album.