The search for young talents in Nanotechnology

Publicado em 22/03/2018
LNNano is opening a call for the selection of promising young researchers in nanotechnology. For us, a young researcher is a doctor with a maximum of 5 years after the doctorate degree.

The basic idea is to start a cycle of interviews and seminars with young and promising scientists, whose research topic is related to:

  1. Growth and characterization of transport of 2D materials and nanomaterials;
  2. Studies of nucleation processes of colloidal nanocrystals;
  3. Electrochemical and nano electrochemical interfaces;
  4. Structural Cryo-microscopy of biomolecules;
  5. Molecular Dynamics and DFT modeling of Nanomaterials.

Interested researchers should submit by the e-mail the following documents:

  1. Contacts (2) of reference for request of letters of recommendation (name, address, and email);
  2. CV with list of publications;
  3. The copy (PDF) of the 3 most relevant published articles;
  4. Finally, a research project in one of the areas described above. This project has to be audacious and in the state of the art in the proposed research field. It should have a maximum of 5 pages, including scientific motivation, topic relevance, proposed research and a budget.

The young scientist Interested should send the application until September 14th, 2018. The pre-selected will be called for interviews and presentation of the proposal.