Structure and function of membrane proteins

Publicado em 12/11/2012

Communication of LNBio – 5th november 2012

The National Laboratory of Bioscience (LNBio) is running this workshop up until de 16th of November, the workshop on the structure and function of protein membranes is a practical course about the basic principles of protein membranes, methods of production, solutions of structure and the analyses of these molecules.   Participating on the event are 20 doctors and post doctors from Brazil and other Latin America countries, such as Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Peru.

Andrea Balan, a researcher of LNBio and organizer of the workshop reminds you that this type of initiative is fundamental in boosting the research of protein membranes in the countries of this region. “We hope that this workshop can encourage the exchange of practical and theoretical knowledge between students and researchers. Besides, the course is an opportunity to get to know Latino institutions which have the infrastructure for studies in this area, as is the case of LNBio.”

On the first day of the workshop – Alejandro Buschiazzo, a researcher of the Institute Pasteur in Montevideo, Uruguay, presented a general view on the structures and functions of proteins and emphasized the importance of a combination of methods of research, such as nuclear magnetic, electronic microscopic and crystallography for the study of these macromolecules. The practical activity was led by Isabel de Moraes, a researcher of the Imperial College and of the Diamond Light Source, United Kingdom and by Louise Bird, a scientist of the Laboratory of Protein Production, Oxford, also in the United Kingdom.

Participating in the event are So Iwata (Imperial Collage/Diamond Light Source, UK), Vadim Cherezov (The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA), Isabel de Moraes (Imperial College/Diamond Light Source, UK), Cameron (Diamond Light Source, UK), Louise Bird (Oxford Protein Production Facility, UK), Alejandro Buschiazzo (Institute Pasteur Montevideo, Uruguay), Fabio Almeida (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Richard Garrat (University of Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo, Brazil), Andrea Balan (National Laboratory of Bioscience), Andrey Lebedev (Collaborative Computational Project number 4 – CCP4, UK) and Hartmuk Luecke (University of California, Irvine, USA).

The workshop is being carried out with the resources of LNBio, the Center for Structural Biology of the Mercosul (CeBEM) and of the Membrane Protein Laboratory (MPL). The participation in the practical activities is exclusively for registered members, but the lectures are open to the external public. Those interested should send a message with their full name, institution and lecture of interest by email to

The event schedule and more information are available in the site