Brazil and China: partnership for the future

Publicado em 01/07/2011 – Brazil signed an agreement with China to create a binational  nanotechnology research center with headquarters at the Brazilian National Nanotechnology Laboratory (LNNano). The partnership involves also the National Institute of Science and Technology of Carbon (INCT-Carbon), at Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) and the  Brazilian Center of Physics Research (CBPF). The two countries will […]

Brazil’s science minister visits European XFEL

Publicado em 25/04/2011 – European XFEL em 06/04/2011 The weather could have been a little bit warmer, but apart from that, all the participants were very satisfied with the programme and results of their Hamburg visit. The Brazilian Minister of Science and Technology, Aloízio Mercadante, was accompanied by the director of the Brazilian national synchrotron radiation laboratory (LNLS), José […]

Nanostructures are mapped in 3D by Brazilian

Publicado em 11/02/2011 – Nano Tech Views, em 03/02/2011 Combining two different techniques, researchers at the National Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS), Campinas (SP), developed a new methodology capable of mapping in three dimensions the chemical composition of nanostructures. According to Antonio Ramirez, the methodology determines the chemical composition of three-dimensional structures with dimensions of few nanometers from images obtained […]

Brazil will have electron accelerator of the third generation

Publicado em 10/02/2011 – Everyday Science, em 09/02/2011 Synchrotron light An electron accelerator ring of  146meters in diameter, is the newest project of the National Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS), Campinas (SP). With a frequency range of light rays wider, the new machine can work in more applications than the UVX, the ring current. The importance of this type of […]

Brazil is going to build its second Synchrotron Light Source

Publicado em 11/02/2009 – 11/02/2009 – The discussions about the construction project of the second Brazilian Synchrotron Light Source, LNLS-2, were launched last Tuesday, February 10th. The “1st Workshop LNLS-2: Development and Scientific Cases” was the milestone of this great project. It was aimed at discussing the scientific and technological problems to be investigated with the new Brazilian […]